Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Crap We Ate as Kids in the 90s

These candies were so painful to eat, and why we still ate them- I do not know. When you first put them in your mouth and started sucking on them, it was so intensely sour that it felt like you were slowly breaking your jaw. Then after a good 30 seconds, the candy became sweet and there was no better relief, however your tongue felt completely numb and inflamed. I remember during lunch at school, we would have warhead wars; who could suck on a handful of warheads the longest. Yeah, I never won a single battle.

Baby Bottle Pops
Another ridiculous candy we thought was awesome in the 90s. The baby bottles were full of sugar and the nipple was a hard sucking candy. Basically you dipped the hard sticky candy in the bottle full of sugar. Personally, I thought the whole thing was awkward and creepy. I’m kind of glad I haven’t seen them since 1998.

One of my favorite sugary snacks! They were Kangaroo-shaped crackers that you dipped in vanilla or chocolate frosting. DE-LICIOUS!

When my mom didn’t have time to make me lunch to take to school, she would give me a lunchable. The were two kinds of lunchables when I was a kid… First, there were the pizza kits, which consisted of stale crackers (the pie), tomato paste, pepperonis, and shredded cheese. Then there were the mini sandwich kits; overly- processed and slimy slices of deli meat, chunks of cheese, and a few pathetic crackers to make a sandwich out of it all. My favorite part of the lunchable pack, and probably the only thing I ate, was the desert, which was usually a baby candy bar, such as a Crunch or Hershey’s bar. Opening my lunch box and finding a lunchable was the most disappointing experience. And that’s when I learned how to make my own lunch so I never had to eat that lunch in a box ever again.

If you had a pack of gushers in your lunchbox, the other kids would trade you anything for it.  They were little gummy balls with sweet liquid goo inside. When you chewed them, they would explode and “gush” in your mouth. Gushers were the coolest!

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